The Malawi Water Works Team

Kingston Tsama

Kingston Tsamba (Senior Builder)

Kingston is one of the newer members to Water Works. With his strong work ethic, his sharp organisational skills and a good command of English, he leads his construction crew with latrine construction.

Maxwell Khombe

Maxwell Khombe (Senior Water Point Technician)

Maxwell is a very smart and engaging team member. He leads the installation of the pumps and trains the village water committee on how to install and maintain the pumps. Maxwell is trained on not only Water Works’ pumps, but also the Afridev and Malda pumps, and has led training sessions to pump technicians of other NGOs.

Mr Black talking to villagers

Black Chakumodzi (Team Leader)

Mr Black has spent much of his life mobilising communities to build their own toilets and advising on the importance of good hygiene practices.

Mr Black is the Water Works team leader and ensures that the projects are community led. He excels when engaging and promoting partnerships with communities.

Dyne Beselemu  (Project Officer)

Dyne is the newest member of the team. He multi-tasks: drives our pick-up truck delivering construction materials, administers the water testing, trains the villagers on managing the water fund and manages our tree planting programme. He is also  very good chess player.

The Water Works Team

The Water Works team comes together for an outing at the lake. The team are all local Malawians and consists of builders, water point technicians, well diggers, health surveillance assistants.